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Freight Surcharge Effective February 15 2019 - Carlisle

Mar 08, 2019

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The cost to move freight in North America continues to rise. In order to meet your delivery expectations, we continue to take a number of steps including: paying higher per mile rates to attract carriers, hiring dedicated drivers who return to our facilities after drop-off without a backhaul, adding new/additional carriers. Unfortunately, these steps add cost.

As a result, effective February 15, 2019 the freight surcharge will increase to the following levels. These new charges will apply on all shipments from this date regardless of the date of order receipt.

Less than 100 miles $120
Greater than 100 miles $200

Please direct questions to your Regional Sales Manager or the undersigned. We appreciate your continued support of Carlisle.


Stephen F. Schwar
Vice President, Sales

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