Brand Assets

Below are links for downloading a variety of logo assets for the Convoy Supply brand.

Graphic standards are established for the brand; before using any of these assets, please download and review the Brand Guide via these links: Logo Usage Guide - English / Guide d’utilisation du logo - Français


The Convoy Supply Logo Usage Guide Cover


Links are provided for files in JPEG, PNG, Illustrator, PDF, and EPS format. Each of these links is to a zip file that contains most commonly-needed colour variants, including RGB, CMYK, Pantone, etc. If you need a particular colour profile for your usage that isn't present in the zip file, please feel free to contact us at

We thank you for your cooperation in not redistributing or altering these files.


Primary English Logo - "Stacked"


JPEG   PNG   Illustrator   PDF   EPS


Primary French Logo - "Stacked"


JPEG   PNG   Illustrator   PDF   EPS 

Secondary Logo - "Offset"


JPEG   PNG   Illustrator   PDF   EPS



Secondary French Logo - "Offset"


JPEG  PNG  Illustrator  PDF  EPS



Secondary Logo - "Horizontal"


JPEG  PNG  Illustrator  PDF  EPS

Secondary French Logo - "Horizontal"


JPEG  PNG  Illustrator  PDF  EPS