Career Paths

Our goal is to provide you with not just a job, but a career, to be a place where you can grow and develop and achieve your goals. We want this for everyone who walks through our doors to join Team Convoy, including you! Long term employees are enormously valuable to any company, and we recognize this because we we work alongside them every day, people who have spent decades building their careers here. Meet a few members of Team Convoy, and hear what they love about working here.

Her place in Management


Fernanda is a fundamental part of the Convoy BC team; she is the Branch Manager for our home office branch in Surrey, she is the Regional Operations Manager for the Lower Mainland, and she manages purchasing for all of British Columbia.  Not bad for someone who started in dispatch!

Fernanda started with Convoy Supply over fifteen years ago as a dispatcher, and within six months she had moved into making purchases for branches in British Columbia and Alberta as well as coordinating transfer and controlling inventory. She enjoys Convoy's respectful workplace and the fact that every employee has a voice, and can contribute to the growth of the company. Fernanda's advice to new employees? "Work hard, listen, and keep a respectful attitude towards your coworkers and customers."

From Sweeping to Fleet

Tyler joined Convoy in 2012, and began literally sweeping the floors in the warehouse. He did whatever needed doing, including driving trucks and forklifts as required. His initiative and willingness to do whatever was required led to new opportunities, including managing the warehouse in Calgary and eventually becoming Fleet Manager for Canada, a role that was created especially for him.

He loves Convoy's collective drive to achieve greatness, as well as the fun environment at work. He also respects and admires Convoy's inspirational leadership and senior management team. He encourages anyone looking to grow their career at Convoy to believe and invest in the team and company that is investing in you, to give voice to your ideas, and to never see a task as beneath you. 


A busy Convoy Supply show room

Carving Her Own Way in Sales


Dawna wants everyone to know, especially women interested in the industry, that "the path has been paved... go for it!" Dawna joined Convoy back in 1997 when the roofing industry was a very different environment than it is today and began carving out that path. When she started, she was one of only three women in outside sales in her region, a region where Convoy itself was relatively unknown at the time. As a result, she was instrumental in not only putting Convoy on the map locally but also helping to shape the culture. 

She says that the work environment at Convoy is one of closeness and warmth, creating a continual feeling of support, friendship, and respect, which has contributed to her decades at the company. 

This Driver's Forever Career

Often, our drivers are the last people our customers see on a given order and are an important part of our customer service team. Drivers like Brian are vital, and he frequently gets personally requested by customers to deliver their materials. If someone asked Brian about working at Convoy, here's what they'd hear: "You're making the right choice! The opportunities, room for advancement, being part of an amazing family... Convoy is truly different from other companies. I love my job!"

The job was supposed to be temporary while he was between excavation jobs, but he turned down the next excavation company that called him once he was working at Convoy, saying "Sorry, I found my forever career!" He says there are many reasons why he loves it at Convoy: getting to work the crane, developing relationships with the customers over the years, and Convoy's dedication to his training. When he wanted to advance his skill set by obtaining his HIAB crane license, Convoy sent him for training and covered the cost of the course. And the hours are great, especially for someone starting a family! And speaking of family, that's how he describes his branch: a close knit family, full of laughter, teamwork, and memories.

A Convoy Supply Warehouse

Constant Learning Led to Management


Ryan's success at Convoy is partially due to him following the same advice he'd give someone just joining the team: always put in 100%, take pride in your work, and to never be afraid to ask a question. He began working in the warehouse and helping out on roofs where required, and has grown into managing his branch's inside sales staff and coordinating their commercial products. His roles in-between have included inside sales and dispatch, and in all his roles, he's looked to learn as much as he could about the products, the jobs, and the customers.

In his 7 years with Convoy, Ryan has continually drawn motivation from working as a team and solving problems together. He loves Convoy's family mentality and the fast-paced environment, and the ongoing opportunities to learn.