Exterior Walls

Keeping your building envelope safe and dry starts from the outside. No one can find a better solution for your needs than Convoy and our superior manufacturing partners.

Convoy is proud to partner with the following manufacturers.

Some of the manufacturers listed below may not be available at all locations. Contact your nearest Convoy Supply for more information.

Mineral wool

Fire resistant, water repellent and sound absorbent, mineral wool is your high-performance insulating choice.

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With the highest R-value rating per inch of any insulation, superior fire performance, and stability, polyiso is a versatile choice for continuous insulation within the building envelope.



Energy efficient with high moisture resistance, XPS insulation products are designed for exterior or interior wall applications.



Economical, high performance and light weight, EPS insulation is easy to install, resistant to water retention and can be used in a wide variety of applications in energy-efficient construction.

Plasti-Fab [Converted]

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