Aug 24, 2016

All That Glitters

Touch a Truck. Sounds like a pretty simple task for most of us at Convoy, right? After all, we have these behemoth pieces of equipment throughout our company that we use day in and day out to supply sites with our products. Perhaps we take them for granted, these trucks of ours, these workhorses. And yet something as simple as “touching” our trucks can make a child’s day wonderful and full of imagination.

A day of wonder and imagination for children is exactly what we provided recently in Victoria. Murray Patenaude and Justin Bunyan, two of Convoy Victoria’s employees, volunteered their entire Saturday at the “Touch a Truck” event at Western Speedway. They did it for one simple reason: to help raise funds for The Southern Vancouver Island Family Child Care Association. The event was a wonderful success with the longest line-ups being at our brand new Tri-axle 30 tonne crane, fully extended to its 151 feet, with a Canadian flag proudly hanging from the jib. The sound of the blowing truck horn punctuated the scene as kids couldn’t resist marking the end of their wait.

Glitter Boy

This is only one of many community events the Convoy Vancouver Island team has participated in, all to raise money for various worthy charities. Every year we enter the Christmas Truck Parade which raises money and gifts for kids, in addition to Big Brother’s Bowling and Habitat For Humanity to name a few. We believe giving back to our communities is just as important as getting that delivery to site on time. It has become a part of the fabric of our family on Vancouver Island.

Glitter Girl

My favourite picture from the day is the one with the little girl in pink. She was full of glitter which was promptly left behind in the cab, and to this day is still there. Her smile and pure joy, clearly evident, is absolute proof, all that glitters is indeed gold.

Rick Solecki

Regional Manager – Vancouver Island