Aug 23, 2018

Convoy Supply's New Look

Change is constant, and it’s as true in construction as anywhere else. From the tools to quote a job to the materials you build with, the industry has changed. While your focus on quality construction is the same, how you get there has evolved and you’ve evolved with it. You’re better than you used to be. That’s the nature of business.

Like you, Convoy Supply stays true to what matters; for us, it’s having an outstanding and diverse product selection, with expert sales staff and industry-leading service. And we can’t stand still either. We always want to be relevant and open to new opportunities for our customers, and our brand needs to reflect that. It needs to reflect our forward thinking and our drive to be better than we were yesterday.

So we’re proud to share with you the look of the new Convoy Supply.




You may have already seen our new logo on some of our merchandise or other branded materials, and in the coming months you’ll be seeing it on business stationary, our online presence, and eventually on our building signs and trucks. 

Do logos matter? Some might say no; after all, our warehouses still carry competitively-priced, top-quality products for you. Our sales staff still has years of expertise to help you when needed, and to tell you about what’s new and exciting in your field. Our fleet is still rolling from our branches across the US and Canada. So has anything really changed?

We think so. We’ve grown. Convoy’s bigger than it’s ever been, and we’re not stopping. We’re in more places, physically and online, and we’re looking to be even better at providing you with what you’ve come to expect from us. That’s the challenge we set for ourselves each day. In order to meet that challenge we need to be open, flexible, ready to change, and we think this logo is a reflection of that. More than a reflection, it’s a promise that as you’re out there, in a tough and competitive industry, we’ll be beside you. Working hard, looking to the future, and growing, together.