Oct 26, 2018

Convoy hosts training for SOPRA-CELLULOSE

On October 23, Convoy hosted SOPREMA training sessions for their new SOPRA-CELLULOSE product at the RCABC headquarters in Langley, BC. SOPRA-CELLULOSE is made of 85% post-consumer recycled newspaper, allows for a fast and simple install, and acts as a protective shield to reduce the transmission of heat and sound with an R value of 3.7/inch. 

The training sessions were aimed at shingle roofing installers to introduce them to a potential new revenue stream, and covered the technical specifications and benefits of SOPRA-CELLULOSE, methods for integrating it into their existing business, and a live installation demo.

Dino Mariotti from SOPREMA in the RCABC classroom

Dino Mariotti from SOPREMA introduces everyone to the benefits of SOPRA-CELLULOSE.


The RCABC installation demo area.

The installation demo area.


Fibreglass insulation being burned by a blowtorch.

Open flame can make short work of fibreglass insulation.


Sopra-Cellulose protecting a hand from a blowtorch

SOPRA-CELLULOSE and a blowtorch… Monique Tute from Convoy Supply demonstrates the faith we have in the products we carry. (Note: don’t do this with fibreglass!)


Sopra-Cellulose being installed

Installation looked fast and easy.


Sopra-Cellulose Training - Reducing Dust

Dino demonstrates a method to reduce dust to nearly zero during installation.


Sopra-Cellulose Training - Reducing Dust 2

Just place the hose beneath what you’ve already installed and the existing cellulose traps the dust.


Sopra-Cellulose Training - Product Packaging

Packages of SOPRA-CELLULOSE, ready to go! Contact your nearest Convoy for more information on SOPREMA’s efficient and environmentally friendly product.