Mar 04, 2019

Pricing Bulletins Update

A truck with loaded product.

As you know, there have been a variety of challenges facing our industry. Raw material prices have increased due to demand as well as tariffs and the attendant market instability. Labour shortages are felt across a range of sectors, particularly drivers, affecting both the supply chain and its associated freight costs. Fuel price increases have also impacted these areas.

As a result, our industry has seen a higher number of price increases than is standard. We feel that, as a responsible custodian of the products we sell, it’s important to be transparent about these increases and their reasons. That’s why we post bulletins advising of each pricing increase on our website, as well as sending these bulletins out to customers on our mailing list. You can always find the latest bulletins here and you can contact your account manager if you ever have any questions.

We are examining new ways to present these bulletins on our site, to make it easier to find those that affect your business. Keep an eye on the space for more news soon. We deeply appreciate your business.