Oct 31, 2019

Giving When Disaster Strikes

Satellite image of Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian had a devastating effect on the Bahamas when it struck in early September, and it was clear that those affected would need help to recover. B&G Roofing of Hamilton, Ontario, put out the word that they wanted to organize a donation for the people of the Bahamas, and the Ontario construction community responded. Donations of food, clothing, toys, games, books, and school supplies arrived. There were so many that they ended up shipping everything in a freighter rather than the planned airplane.

Companies and individuals from all over Ontario contributed, and Convoy Supply was happy to be part of this great initiative, supporting those in need at such a critical time. Thank you to the organizers and to everyone who gave in support.

Rueben Dye of B&G Roofing put together a short video about the effort; you can watch it here.