Mar 17, 2020

Statement from the President regarding COVID-19


Like many of you, Convoy Supply has been monitoring the accelerating circumstances of the COVID-19 global pandemic. We are joining the W.H.O. in encouraging our family of employees to embrace “flattening the curve” as our societal duty. Let us all be smart and use good common sense to prevent the spread of this virus.

We remain dedicated to serving our customers and the industry. As such, our branches remain open for business. In many of our locations, we are asking our customers to limit “will-call” to essential and immediate needs and to call ahead for planning pick-ups. Please understand that order processing, shipments and invoicing could possibly take longer than usual during these challenging times. Please always reach out by email or phone to your Convoy Sales Reps or business contact with any business needs that you have. Our trucks are rolling, and our inventories are in good shape!

In line with the various guidelines set out by government agencies (US and Canada), Convoy Supply has taken the following measures:

  • A company-wide suspension of air travel;
  • Limited attendance at conferences, trade shows and other large group gatherings;
  • Limited visitors and non-critical supplier meetings at Convoy locations;
  • Self-isolation for any Staff members who have returned from abroad since March 12, 2020;
  • Adherence to social distancing (maintain distance of 6-8 feet from others) and CDC advised hand hygiene at all locations.
  • We want to be mindful of all requests from our customers and suppliers for any similar accommodation. Our Convoy Staff will only visit you when invited or deemed essential.

We will continue to monitor, reassess and update our internal measures and policies as new information becomes available.

With my thanks, and our very best wishes to you all during this unprecedented situation,

Alma Garnett
President, Convoy Supply

"As part of Convoy Supply's efforts to flatten the curve, these posters will be going up in all Convoy locations across Canada and the US."