Apr 17, 2020

1 minute 1 product With Sagiper



Sagiper’s exterior siding solution delivers a maintenance-free heavy gauge PVC tongue & groove panel wrapped in a durable multilayer coating that delivers siding protected from UV rays, water absorption, and humidity. It is resistant to expansion and contraction and is impenetrable to insects.
It’s available in two profiles and a range of realistic wood tones and metallic finishes for both residential and commercial applications. Let Michael Arezes from Sagiper take you through the product in one minute, and talk to Convoy if you want to learn more!
Sagiper's PVC siding is one great solution among a wide range that we carry for wall systems, including fibre cement from James Hardie and aluminium panels from AL13. Check out our range of wall solutions here: https://www.convoy-supply.com/our-products/walls-facades


Find Sagiper here: https://sagipernorthamerica.com/