May 18, 2020

1 minute 1 product with Dupont Tyvek



Small leaks can be big problems. Take a minute and find out an easy-to-use solution!

Keeping the structure protected from air and water leakage is critical with modern building codes, and the details count. The best materials in the world won't help if they're badly sealed, and that's where DuPont FlexWrap EZ comes in.

FlexWrap EZ is part of DuPont's 100% butyl-backed Flashing System that helps create an air- and water-tight protective envelope. It's designed to seal around small exterior penetrations, regardless of shape or size. It's versatile, flexible, and ideal for electrical, HVAC, and plumbing penetrations. FlexWrap EZ is fast to apply and usable in a variety of temperatures, so why not take sixty seconds and let Matthew from DuPont Tyvek tell you all about it! (And watch right to the end...)

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