Jul 21, 2020

Convoy Supply Kitchener Has a New Home!

Convoy supply Kitchener - building supply warehouse and showroom

Much like the Three Musketeers, the original three Convoy Ontario branches of Kitchener, Rexdale, and London have stood together since 1998, serving customers throughout their area. And now the first of the three, open since April of that year, is moving to a bright big new home! 

Although it has been a major part of Convoy’s presence in Ontario since its opening 22 years ago, the Kitchener branch always had some challenges: the land was rough and hilly, the access was difficult, and the team grew the business to the point where the original facility wasn’t sufficient. Other Convoy branches pitched in to help take the load off, but it became clear that a new facility was needed. After careful planning and extensive research, the Convoy team selected a site at 2165 Shirley Drive that would be Kitchener’s new home and Convoy Ontario’s first purpose-built facility. 

The new location is a 45,000 square foot facility on 5.35 acres, with 5,000 square feet of offices, showroom, and sales desks. We spoke to members of the Kitchener team, including Account Manager Bob Blackmore and Kitchener Warehouse Supervisor Moose Dube, Team Kitchener members with over two decades each under their belts. They all agreed; they are proud of building such a strong business, especially with the challenges they faced, but when we asked what they’d miss about the old location, the answer was clear: “Nothing!” 

Everyone is excited about the new branch and its benefits: more product on-hand, easier accessibility with proper traffic flow and loading for trucks, and a big bright showroom to serve customers and show off the latest products. As the Musketeers said (more or less), all for one and a nice flat parking lot for all! 

Congratulations to Ontario West & GTA General Manager Doug Brown, Branch Manager Cory Roberts, and the entire team at Convoy Supply Kitchener on their new facility!

You can contact the Kitchener branch by calling 519-742-5402 or emailing kitchener@convoy-supply.com

Download the Kitchener Press Release