Aug 17, 2022

Going Above and Beyond

A photo of Mike Bohach

We like to say that being part of Team Convoy means going above and beyond every day, but sometimes, even by those standards, someone steps up and does something truly exceptional.

Mike Bohach, Branch Operations Manager for Regina and Saskatoon, was driving to an appointment when he noticed thick black smoke coming from a house. He called 911 and knocked on the door, told the elderly woman who answered it that she had to leave due to the fire, and then entered the smoke-filled home to rescue her husband (while still directing 911 over the phone), and then go back for her two cats that were leashed on the porch. As he was leaving with the second cat, there was an explosion from inside the house, with the Saskatoon Fire Department later confirming that electrical lines had come down and the natural gas line was also involved in the fire.

The man was treated for smoke inhalation, but it could have been so much worse had Mike not intervened. And can you believe it? Mike still made his appointment!

You can read more here. Thank you, Mike. We’re honoured to have you as a member of Team Convoy.

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